For the past decade+ I have worked in consulting; architecting and building solutions for customers all over the United States. It has been an amazing and rewarding experience.

Today I begin anew. I will focus my efforts on Shutterfly, Inc. Here I will combine my love of Essbase and of Photography. I look forward to the possibilities. I look forward to working with friends. I am nervous about the transition. I look forward to plenty of learning, coding, in-house consulting and losing my status.

I love solution architecture and I love consulting. Always will. I don't love the airlines / hotels / etc. that I frequent. Seriously, what tall++ person loves the "extra leg room".

Especially when achieving Platinum-Extra-Awesome-Sauce status on the road means losing status at home.

Finally, I was a customer of Shutterfly long before I was an employee. Any review for a product or service you hear from me will always be an honest one. Hopefully though, my decision to join the team at Shutterfly is endorsement enough. If I didn't believe in what they were doing I wouldn't be here.


Cover photo by Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash