The past few years have been a period of great recovery. One in which I have invested in my family, and in myself. When I started writing "way back when" I figured, "Just write about the stuff you find interesting and see what sticks."

So here we are. I didn't write because I was the expert in any one topic. I wrote because I wanted to learn more and because I wanted to share that with you. Frankly, I also needed you to fill the void between me sitting in a hotel room after work and getting back home to my family every week.

I mention this now to be blunt because I know that someone out there next to you needs to hear this...

1) Always read outdated posts while understanding the context in which they were written. 2) Feel free to send errata in context.

I cleaned up purged my email mailing list recently and got a pretty good chuckle at your attempt to let me know that I had failed you. All I can say is I am sorry that it didn't work out, whatever "it" was. I wish we could have chatted about it but mostly, I hope you eventually figured out solutions to your issue(s).

The articles on this site that are not evergreen... the technology specific ones... they are contextually correct examples at best. They are things I wanted to share or happened to be learning about at the time. (Remember the date and technology-version specific context.) Unless I have marked an old post with date stamped updates / errata you should always assume it may be out of date.

Tiny changes in syntax, major version releases, tooling changes, entire packages disappearing over night, and more are all things that could happen from the time something was written until now. If you run into problems that required updates or work arounds feel free to shoot me a suggestion or pull request.

In the meantime, Amazon just delivered my copy of "Sun Microsystems Core Java: Volume 1 Fundamentals" so I have some reading to catch up on.

Until next time friends.


Photo by Klaas on Unsplash
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